Neck - Type Stratocaster Ebony
Guitar necks - ref : N_F_S_mm_02

68.6 $


Propose to you a High-Quality Neck Fender Stratocaster Style with Maple & Ebony fretboard, BONE NUT.

One of our high-end quality necks – type Fender Stratocaster.

*Price includes delivery within UK. International Delivery Available.

Kit contents

Body-Neck joint Bolt-on neck
Heel height 20mm; 3/4
Heel height fingerboard included 26mm; 1"
Larger of the heel 55.5mm; 2" 3/16
Length of the heel 90mm ; 3" 9/16
Larger of the nuts 42mm; 1" 5/8
Scale length 648mm ; 25.5"
Headshape type stratocaster, not exact shape
Radius 405mm ; 16"
Fret number 22 fret
Wood neck / Fretboard maple / EBONY
Inlay white perloid dot
Truss rod on the head side
Paint No lacquer no varnish
Compatibility Fender

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