Clear Sealer & Filler - Tru-Oil Basecoat 90ml (3oz)

Build Your DIY Guitar Kit with 90ml (3oz) Clear Sealer & Filler. Use Sealer & Filler as the first step to a beautiful Tru-Oil Guitar Finish

  • Seals out moisture and fills the pores of the wood in one easy step
  • Easy to use and dries fast
  • Clear sealer and filler

Tru-Oil is your key to achieving a stunning wood-type finish or natural finish on your DIY guitar kit. Specifically formulated for the final coats, it's effortless to apply and provides a beautiful result. What makes Tru-Oil exceptional is its compatibility with our entire range of product dyes and color lacquers. If you want to highlight the wood grain and keep the natural look of the guitar body and guitar neck, this clear sealer and filler is an essential step as base coats before you applying Tru-Oil finish for a remarkable results.

Despite being flammable, Tru-Oil can be applied safely in your home, garage, or storage room without special precautions.

Join the professionals who have trusted Tru-Oil Gun Stock Finish for over 30 years and enhance your DIY guitar project with guitar building's preferred choice for a flawless natural finish.

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Basecoat of Tru-Oil type in Guitar Kit Finishing

Clear Sealer & Filler is your great alternative to traditional grain filler or sealer for your guitar kit. Not only does it offer a stunning design, but it also provides crucial protection for your guitar. To ensure the longevity of your electric guitar, apply multiple layers of Tru-Oil during the finishing process. The base coats of Tru-oil type are the essential initial preperation of your guitar building before hitting the finishing process with Tru-Oil, akin to a mandatory step.

Clear Sealer & Filler as the first step to a beautiful Tru-Oil Guitar Finish

Tru-Oil is highly recommended for the next step of your guitar finishing process after a few coats of Clear Sealer & Filler. This ensures a beatiful Tru-Oil Guitar Finish for your guitar build!

Quantity Requirements

This Clear Sealer & Filler product is a 90ml bottle (3oz), providing enough amount for a full guitar.

Clear Sealer & Filler applied before Tru-Oil Preparation and Application

Our Clear Sealer & Filler is ready to use; a gentle shake is all it needs. Applying it is a straightforward process. Use a cloth or brush to spread it evenly in a circular motion across your guitar wood. Thin layers are recommended to prevent dripping and achieve a uniform distribution. Allow 7 hours between coats for the best results. To achieve an impeccable finish, please leave it for dry at least 7 hours before applying your Tru-Oil finish.

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