Color Lacquer Nitrocellulose Spray, Blue

The Guitar Kit Fabric proposes spray of 400mL of nitrocellulose lacquer to finish your guitar kit. More than 40 nitrocellulose spray colours are available for your guitar finishing and we propose 7 shades of blue. Spray colour allow you to paint you guitar kit easily and avoid the use of specific equipement such as spray gun. You can achieve a professional finish with Nitorlack nitrocellulose spray, developed specifically to paint guitars.

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The nitrocellulose colour lacquer is used after the primer/ sealer coat. Its goal is really to provide a nice design to your guitar kit but it provides also an additional layer of protection of the guitar body. It will grant a durable finish to your electric guitar for many decades! We propose here a total of seven different nitrocellulose spray lacquer to paint in blue your guitar body or electric guitar neck:
- Solid Classic Gibson Satin blue finishing: it is a deep blue which has been widely used both on Gibson SG and Les Paul guitars,
- Solid Classic Fender Sonic blue finishing: this blue colour is based on 1956 Cadillacs. A colour highly seeks to get a look like the old Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster as well as the Mustang Kurt Cobain Signature,
- Solid Classic Fender Faded Sonic blue finishing: it is a less intense colour than Sonic Blue. Widely used in Fender Custom Shop,
- Solid Classic Fender Daphne blue finishing: as bee used by Fender from 1960 to 1965. Slightly darker than the sonic blue,
- Metallic Classic Gibson Pelham blue finishing: it is blue colour with metallic effect. This colour has a light blue - greyish tone. Widely used in Les Paul and SG guitar,
- Metallic Classic Fender Lake placid blue finishing: It is a lacquer widely use on the most popular collectors Fender Stratocaster. Inspired by Cadillac Brougham. It is a colour that changes from metallic medium to dark blue depending on the shape of the guitar due to the metallic particle,
- Translucid blue finishing: Semi translucent blue lacquer pigmented which reveals the grain of the wood. This colour lacquer will highlight the grain and reveal the beauty of a veneer of our diy guitar such as PRS guitar kit with quilted veneer, LP guitar kit with spalted veneer, ES guitar kit with flame veneer, etc.


The nitrocellulose spray lacquer is compatible with all our nitrocellulose products: nitrocellulose primer, nitrocellulose varnish as well as our grain filler and our polish pastes.


Spray can permit to paint your guitar kit homogeneoulsy without the need of additional material as spray gain. Before applying nitrocellulse lacquer, shake vigorously between 2 to 5 minutes. Spray thin layers to avoid any drip and get a homogeneous distribution and in an environment with low humidity. Apply with a uniform movement and with a distance of approximately 20 cm. Wait between 12 to 24 hours between coats an ideally you might want to sand slighly between coats. It is also important to apply a primer and sand 400 before applying the spray.

Note that Nitrocellulose is toxic and need protection during the finishing step of your guitar kit build: google, mask and gloves available on our website. Make sure to apply nitrocellulose lacquer outside or in a ventilated area.

Further instruction will be provided along with your order.

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