Guitar Kit - Parker Fly, Mahogany

The Guitar Kit Fabric Introduces our DIY guitar kit to construct the Parker Ply, a stunning instrument designed for those who seek the perfect fusion of style and substance.

The kit features a basswood solid body, meticulously chosen for its balanced tonal qualities. The rosewood fretboard provides a luxurious touch, enhancing playability and adding a touch of warmth to your musical creations.

Embrace the sleek aesthetics with black hardware, elevating the Parker Ply's visual appeal and giving it a contemporary edge. The pre-packaged kit includes all the components you need, making the assembly process straightforward and enjoyable for both beginners builders and professional luthiers alike.

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Our DiY Parker guitar kit stands as one of our new DIY guitar kits, offering DiY beginners guitar builders or professional luthiers the opportunity to build their own version of the iconic electric guitar Parker Ply in the most economical and efficient way. The DiY Guitar kits comes with: solid basswood body, rosewood fretboard neck, and complete set of black hardware.

Carved and solid Basswood Wood, Bolt-On Joint

Scale length match: 648mm (25.5")
Neck Pocket Dimension (LxWxH):  81x55.5x32mm (3.19"x2.19"x1.36")
Guitar Body Height (H): 46/58mm (1.81"/2.28")
Cavity/Routing made: Pick-up, Bridge, Neck, Wiring routing, cover plates and switch. No pre-drilled pilots holes except for the neck pocket.
Paint: No lacquer, no finish
Right-Handed Body

Canadian Maple Wood with Rosewood Fretboard, 24 frets, No dot inlay, bone nut (42mm), Bolt-on Joint

Scale length: 648mm (25.5")
Neck Radius: 305mm (12")
Truss Rod: double action, on the head side
Paint: No lacquer, no finish
Heel Dimension (LxWxH): 90x55.5x20mm (3.54"x2.19"x0.79")
* heel height doesn’t include the fingerboard. Add ~6mm to include fingerboard
Right-Handed Body

Solderless Black set

Bridge: Tune-o-matic
Pick-up: 2 Humbucker pickups, Black (H-H Configuration)
Switch: 3-way toggle switch, Chrome with black tip
Machine Head: 3R3L, Black
Knobs: 1 volumes & 1 tones
Neck Joint Plate: Black
Strap Button: Black
Covers: Back Cover tremolo, Back Cover knobs and Cache for switch, Black
Right-Handed Body
► Complete electronics, screws, electric guitar parts, hardware and strings fully compatible with our electric guitar kit, guitar body and neck.

* Technical support & Instruction guide provided in your DiY Guitar Kit to build your own Guitar.

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