Guitar Kit DiY - PR Solid Ash Body, Rosewood Fretboard

Our DiYguitar kit PR style is an excellent option for those interested in building their own electric guitar. It includes high-quality components and easy-to-follow instructions, making it accessible for all skill levels. The kit includes everything necessary for building, such as the solid guitar body in ashwood, rosewood fretboard neck, pre-wired complete set of guitar parts

Build your own electric guitar that is designed to be for a wide range of music genres, including rock, blues, country, and jazz. 


  • PR Solid Ash body: This guitar features a classic solid ash body design, known for its ergonomic shape, balanced weight distribution, and visually appealing aesthetic. Made of ash: Ash wood is a popular choice for guitar bodies due to its excellent tonal balance, providing a clear and resonant sound with a strong midrange presence
  • Rosewood fretboard: The fretboard, the surface where the frets are mounted, is made from rosewood, a dense and durable wood that offers a warm, rich tone and a smooth tactile sensation.
  • Pre-wired Black set with tremolo: All the hardware components, including the bridge, tuners, knobs, and switch, are finished in a sleek black color, providing a cohesive and stylish aesthetic.
  • No lacquer, no finish: The guitar is finished with a natural look, showcasing the beauty of the ash wood grains without the added thickness or sheen of lacquer.

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DiY Guitar Kit PR made of solid ashwood body, high-quality rosewood fretboard, pre-wired black guitar parts including tremolo version ready for you to build your own unique electric guitar.


Carved and Solid Ash Wood, No Binding, Set-in Joint:
Scale length: 628mm(24.75")
Neck Pocket Dimension (LxWxH): 70mmx56mmx35mm(2.75"x2.20"x1.38")
Guitar Body Height (H): 40mm(1.57") At the side / 45mm(1.77") at the center
Cavity/Routing made: Pick-up, Bridge, Neck, Wiring routing, cover plates and switch. No pre-drilled pilots holes except for the neck pocket.
Paint: No lacquer, no finish
Right Handed Body

6 strings, Canadian Maple neck, Rosewood fretboard, 24 frets , White perloid dot inlay , White Bone Nut (42mm) , Set-in Joint
Scale length: 628mm(24.75")
Neck Radius: 305mm (12")
Truss Rod: double action, on the head side
Paint: No lacquer, no finish
Heel Dimension (LxWxH): 100x56x37mm (4.33"x2.20"x1.46")
* heel height does not include the fingerboard. Add ~6mm to include fingerboard
Right Handed Neck

Solderless Black set with tremolo
Bridge: Tremolo , Black Bridge
Pick-up: 2 Humbucker, Black (H-H Configuration)
Switch: 3-way toggle switch, Black with black tip
Machine Head: 3R3L, Black tunning machine
Knobs: 1 Black volume and 1 Black tone
Strap Button: Black
Covers: Back Cover for knobs and switch and Back Cover for tremolo, Black
Right Handed Hardware

Complete electronics, screws, electric guitar parts, hardware and strings fully compatible with our electric guitar kit, guitar body and neck.

* Technical support & Instruction guide provided in your DiY Guitar Kit to build your own Guitar.

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