Dyes Alcohol base, Green Lime - 230mL

The Guitar kit Fabric proposes alcohol base Dyes in Green Lime, available in a bottle of 230mL. It is concentrated dyes used for tinting electric guitar and diy guitar kit. The Dartford dyes possesses high transparency and good power of equalization. Our selected Dyes dry quickly. It can be deluted with each others to get the custom dye you need. Our Dyes specially designed to stain the wood keeping maximum transparency without altering the mesh of natural wood. It is very suited for our guitar kit with quilted, spatled or flame maple body

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Our selected Green Lime dyes should be used after applying grain filler (if you apply grain filler) and can be either use before or after the sealer coat. In fact, you can even mix dye with grain filler but we generally prefer to do it afterwards to have a better control of the intensity of the stain on your guitar kit body. Also The Guitar Kit Fabric prefers to stain before applying the sealer. So for us the best way is to tint your guitar body between grain filler and sealer coats (and potentially do a final stain adjustment once the sealer is applied!) with several thin layer to tint more or less the grain of the body. Of course, you shouldn't use dye along with anything non transparent such as solid colour lacquer or white primer, etc.

Dyes are very suitable to reveal and highlight the grain of the wood in particular with the quilted, flame or spatle top veneer of our guitar kits. You can get that 3D effect on the tops of wood such as quilted maple, flamed maple and wood with very pronounced streaks.


Our selected Dyes are in fact compatible with all our finishing solution: nitrocellulose, polyurethane and waterbased solution as well as our grain filler. However, dyes allow the use of our waterbased solution. So we advise to use it with our waterbased lacquer solution which are ecological and non-toxic.

The only rule is to use it only with transparent finishing: natural grain filler, clear sealer, transparent colour lacquer and clear varnish.


Our Dyes is alcohol base and should be diluted in a solvent such as water or white spirit to apply it directly on the wood (But if you use it along with waterbased products, you need to use it with white spirit to mix better). It can be mixed and use along with different finishing : clear primer or varnish lacquer. Recommendation is a dilution in a proportion between 3% to 10% with water depending on the type of application. The easiest way to apply it the use of a tack cloth. If you tint a guitar kit body with a veneer, make sure to not apply too much stain in one go and to let it dry between each coats otherwise the veneer is lifted from the body.

A trick to highlight the grain of the wood is to apply a black dye as a base and sand, then stain with the colour of your choice. We will get a much more pronounced effect since the black dye will remain in the most pronounced streaks of the wood and the rest with the chosen colour. It will give amazing results with our guitar kit using spatle, flame, quilted or ash burl veneer.

Note that you can also use dyes with transparent colour lacquer. But in our opinion the only benefits is to reveal and highlight the grain of the wood like a veneer guitar body such as spatle, quilted grain and flame maple top. In this case you can, for instance, mix black dye with clear sealer (or apply black dye before the sealer), put few coats to stain the guitar body and enhance the veneer. Then apply a transparent colour lacquer of your choice: it will look just great.

Further instruction will be provided along with your order.

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