Gloves & Paint Brush

Standard gloves and paint brush to paint and finish your guitar kit. In case you don’t have lacquer spray can or spray gun this paint brush will do the job very well. In particular, coupled with our sanding paper set you will definitely manage to get a smooth and clearn finish

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The gloves is highly recommended when you use highly toixc paint as our Nitrocellulose or Polyurethane products as well as to keep a clean environment. The Paint brush of 40mm of diameter is perfect to use with our waterbase finishing. If you use sanding paper during the application of the various laquer and varnish coats you will make sure to get a perfect clean and smooth finished.NITROCELLULOSE COLOUR LACQUER COMPATIBILITY WITH OUR GUITAR FINISHING PRODUCTS.

The nitrocellulose spray lacquer is compatible with all our nitrocellulose products: nitrocellulose primer, nitrocellulose varnish as well as our grain filler and our polish pastes.


Spray allow you to paint your guitar kit homogeneoulsy without the need of additional material like a spray gun. Before applying nitrocellulse lacquer, shake vigorously between 2 to 5 minutes. Spray thin layers to avoid any drip and get a homogeneous distribution and in an environment with low humidity. Apply with a uniform movement and with a distance of approximately 20 cm. Wait between 12 to 24 hours between coats. Ideally you might want to sand slighly between coats. It is also important to apply a primer and sand 400 before applying the spray.

Note that Nitrocellulose is toxic and need protection during the finishing step of your guitar kit build: google, mask and gloves available on our website. Make sure to apply nitrocellulose lacquer outside or in a ventilated area.

Further instruction will be provided along with your order.

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