Guitar Tool Kit, 30cm Fret Leveling Beam

Guitar tool kit to level the fret of your guitar fretboard. Use this fret leveling beam long enough to easily file the guitar frets in a uniform way. Fret guitar repair set including fret leveling beam and 3 sanding sets of 3 grid level to recharge your beam with brand new sandpaper to use it again and again. Sand paper of different grids is very easy to change with its pre-glued face.


Our Fret Leveling Beam is the ideal size to easily file all your frets at the same height and adjust your string action.

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This guitar tool kit is absolutely needed when you want to build high quality and professional guitar instrument or for guitar repair.

- The 30cm, 90gr fret leveling beam in metal is a perfect size to make sure you level the fret homogeneously.

  • The 3 set of different sand paper grit (15cm length sand paper) (Grit Size includes P400/ P600/ P1000/ P1200) allow you to refine the smoothness and improve the accuracy of the fret filing. It also permits to increase the longetivity of the leveling beam tool. Finally the sanding paper has an adhesive side which make it very easy to replace with a new one and stick easily to your fret leveling beam. Sanding paper set for fret leveling beam which its adhesive sides are sold separately to make sure you can use or products for decades. 
  • Note that before using these 2 guitar tools use to build improve or repair the fretting of your guitar you will need to measure the fret level. To do this you can used our guitar notched straight edge as well as our fret rocker. Then after used the guitar leveling beam you can use our fret crowning file to rework the shape of the fret and improve the smoothness of the edges.

    Remind that all our luthier tools products have been checked and adapted by The Guitar Kit Fabric expert and provide strong accuracy and durability. They are perfectly suited to build professional high quality guitar from our guitar kit or to build or repair electric guitar in general.

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