Wood Shaping, Carbid Burr Set - Short Cut

The Guitar Fabric provides high quality tungsten carbid burr perfectly suitable for wood carving and wood shaping.

This product is a carbid burr set containing 5 carbid burr with different shapes: cylinder, ball, cone, flame and cylinder with round end. This various shape increase the possibilities to carve, engrave and design into the wood. Compared to our 80mm long cut carbid burr, this set feature a 40mm cut. It is threfore more difficult to reach far wood spot and for complete guitar re-shaping. But it is more suitable for cutting the wood on the surface like engraving your guitar body. 

Our carbid burr applied to guitar woodworking can have three main usages:

  • One is for shaping, to rework the shape of the guitar kit during guitar building. For instance it is very useful for shaping the neck headstock. Or if you want to adjust the shape of the guit body
  • The other is for wood carving and engraving into wood. it allow to do wood carving for beginner and perform easily wood sculpture on your guitar body. This leads to very interesting guitar design possibilities. For instance engrage in the guitar wood a specific shape and then use a grain filler with dye - like or gold dye powder - to creat a golde engrave design. 
  • Last on is for guitar tuning, in case you need to adjust some shape to integrate different guitar parts. In this case carbid burr should be used with caution. Depending on what you are doing you might want to use instead our other products such as rasp file, wood file or sand paper.

Carbid burr can be seen has rotary drill bits and therefore are compatible with a hand drill or dremel. 


* developed and tested by The Guitar Fabric experts. All our products are VAT included. 


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Carbid burr also known as rotary file or rotary burr has become very popular for engraving into wood, wood sculpture and are in particular ideal to make wood carving for beginner.

Our tungsten carbid burr has been designed specifically for carving into wood of guitars. Its double side cut allow to type of carving:

- a soft one when carbid burr rotate in 1 side

- a stronger one which will cut more easily and deeply into one when carbid burr rotate in the other side.

This carbid burr set contains 5 different shape wuhich allow you to carve depending on your needs to design, modify and engrave ito wood during your guitar building.


- Material: Tungsten

- Shape: this carbid burr set contains 5 different shapes: Cylinder, Ball, Cone, Flame and Cylinder with round end shape.

- Dimension: Cut lenght is ~ 40mm & shank diameter 6mm (see our picture for more information)

- Type: Double cut to improve efficiency, durability and provide a smoother finish



Carbid burr can be used with a hand drill or a dremel. When engraving into wood make sure that your guitar body or guitar neck you are building is well fix. Then before any wood sculpture, make sure that you have a clear idea of what you will carve. It is strongly advise to draw with a marker on your wood before proceed. When started to wood carve move very slowly with your carbid burr into the wood you will be certainly surprise how smooth, easy and accurate it is to remove the wood with our cabid burr.


* Remind that all our luthier tools products have been checked and adapted by The Guitar Fabric expert and provide strong accuracy and durability. They are perfectly suited to build professional high quality guitar from our guitar kit or to build or repair electric guitar in general.


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