Guitar Building, Set of Drill bits for Wood

Complete drill bits set for wood. It contains 8 drill bits wood from 3mm to 1cm perfect to perform holes on guitar wood. In particular it can be used to make pilot holesduring your guitar building to install pickguard, bridge, neck, and so on.

* developed and tested by The Guitar Fabric experts. All our products are VAT included. 

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Contains 8 drills bits for wood:

  • 3mm drill bit for wood with 60mm length
  • 4mm wood drill bit with 65mm length
  • 5mm wood drill bit with 70mm length
  • 6mm wood drill bit with 75mm length
  • 7mm wood drill bit with 80mm length
  • 8mm wood drill bit with 85mm length
  • 9mm wood drill bit with 90mm length
  • 10mm wood drill bit with 95mm length


Very suitable for any woodworking and in particular making various holes such as pilot holes for bridge, neck, pickguard during guitar building.


* Remind that all our luthier tools products have been checked and adapted by The Guitar Fabric expert and provide strong accuracy and durability. They are perfectly suited to build professional high quality guitar from our guitar kit or to build or repair electric guitar in general.

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